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In 2004, Conservation International developed a practical new approach to improve the management of our ocean at scale. Ten years later, CI and local partners across eight countries have been instrumental in improving management in four Seascapes, including new marine and coastal protection of more than 5 million hectares of sea. The Seascapes team has worked with more than 150 partners in the implementation of the Seascapes approach to date and continues to refine and adapt the approach. For more information on CI’s Seascape programs visit:

Karen Villeda

Marine Coordinator

Global Marine Division

Conservation International


The upcoming 2014 Seascapes Workshop will be held in Maui, Hawai’i. The workshop will bring together approximately 45 people from CI’s marine conservation teams from Brazil, Eastern Tropical Pacific, Hawaii, Indonesia, Madagascar, Pacific Islands, Philippines and headquarters as well as a small number of representatives from partner organizations, donors and governments. This year’s workshop will deep dive into two topics, Capacity Building: Sharing Lessons Learned and Supply Chains and Market Linkages in Fisheries.


Working to restore nearshore seafood security through strategic partnerships and focused investment, Conservation International has been working with the State of Hawai’i, for the well being of Hawai’i and its people. Watch the video below to further explore CI’s work in the region.